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Hello all, the name is Jorge! I'm 21, in college studying music education at the University of South Florida! I'm a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi! I'm all about music, friendship, and kindness. I am a Boston Crusader! I am a giant!


Boston Crusaders 2014: Animal Farm

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Can we just. The Boston Crusaders people.

This past season seriously felt like a dream
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Diablo 3

So bought this game yesterday while I wait for Destiny and good lord this game is fun as hell. All my friends that have it though have invested crazy amounts of time into it already and im over here in noob central :p Oh well, Im still having a good time!

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That post tour depression doe :(

I mean, at least I have band camp tomorrow..

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cutesader asked: set up page 71



Okay first of all

  1. How dare you
  2. no

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What Everyone Should Know About Marching Drum Corps →


11 and half minutes is finite.
No matter what you’re afraid of. Falling down. Running out of energy and instantly collapsing in a coma. Legs turning to dust. Failing to do something well. Every runthrough will end in no more than 11 and a half minutes. All comes to pass.

You have a greater…

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Finals day (taken from Boston Crusaders Facebook)


Finals day (taken from Boston Crusaders Facebook)

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Bloo Boston Crusaders…wow. What an amazing show.

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